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Tests of personality - tests de personnalité

Mind Map of Enneagram ®

Carte mentale de l’ennéagramme ® Introduction The mind map is a tool for visually representing ideas, information or concepts. Also called cognitive map, heuristic map, causal or influence map, it is versatile and has multiple uses. It takes the form of a tree diagram, allowing a synthetic presentation of more or less complex subjects. It…
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Carte mentale ou cognitive de l’ennéagramme ®

Carte mentale de l’ennéagramme ® Introduction La carte mentale est un outil permettant de représenter visuellement des idées, informations ou concepts. Également dénommée carte cognitive, carte heuristique, carte causale ou d’influence, elle est polyvalente et ses usages sont multiples. Elle se présente sous la forme d’un schéma arborescent, permettant une présentation synthétique de sujets plus…
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The Intelligence of heart (1997)

social intelligence by Isabelle Filliozat (Psychologist) The intelligence of social relations: to animate a meeting, to speak in public, to overcome shyness, to respond to aggression, to assert oneself, to give his opinion, to listen, to cry, to motivate a team and to motivate yourself, to cope with adversity and change, resolve conflicts, … Would it not…
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NLP (2012)

Romilla Ready & Kate Burton (praticiens PNL) – Picture: Crete 2016 – NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming – (methodology of the 1970s that inspired many current methods) Programming for learning, Neuro for sensory information transformed into a thought process (conscious and unconscious) that influences physiology, emotions and behavior, and, linguistic, because words influence our experience!  


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Origins (1979)

Leakey & Lewin           translation in progress The sharing as triggering of human evolution (impact of free hands and body) The stimulation as key element of the evolution An Adaptation that involves behavioral change The key to transforming a monkey-like social creature into a cultivated animal, living within a structured society, is sharing: sharing of work and sharing…
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Execution, the discipline of getting things done

Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan 2002 – Picture: Tokyo 2012 Often the gap is what a company wants to achieve and the ability to achieve it. 3 Core processes: STRATEGY + PEOPLE + OPERATIONS No worthwhile strategy can be planned without taking into account the organization’s ability to execute it. The Hardware of a computer…
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The Human Element (ICO) (1994)

Will Schutz – Picture: 2015 The Human Element: Productivity, Self-Esteem and the Bottom Line.   To understand the link between productivity, Self-Esteem and the bottom line  All the most important problems of life are fundamentally insoluble. They can only be surpassed. This « surpassing » shows that it requires a new level of consciousness … it is…
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Courage to be yourself

Jacques Salomé – Picture: Bondues 2013 – Psychosociologist, Jacques Salomé was a trainer in human relations for a long time and still struggles to teach communication in school as a subject in itself because for him; « It’s the only non-violent antidote to violence » The art of communicating in consciousness Main components of our personality (non-exhaustive…
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Social Intelligence

Daniel Goleman – Picture: Monaco 2007 – Neuroscience: did you know that … Resonance: A different category of brain cells, the mirror neurons, perceive in another person as well the gesture that she is about to make, as her feelings, and they prepare instantly to imitate his gesture and to feel what he feels . When…
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Mental Health and society

Boris Cyrulnik & Al. – Picture: Carnival of Dunkerque 2017 – Pathogen, the couple? Chronic of invisible violence Moral harassment … different authors for different analysis of our society  


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