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Tests of personality - tests de personnalité

To chose between Process Com and Enneagram

Process Com or Enneagram These 2 tools or methods are no longer to be introduced. Used by Americanuniversities, by NASA, or by many psychologists around the world. They have the particularity to present personality types, and to target our unconsciousmotivations as one of the drivers of our behaviors and feelings. Nevertheless, if you do not…
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15 décembre 2018 0

Process Communication

Process Communication  How to tell them … The Process Communication – Book by Gérard Collignon (preface by Taïbi Kahler) – 1994. In the 1970s, an American psychologist, Taïbi Kahler, evolved Transactional Analysis and developed the Process Com model. As you could guess, Process Com it is a methodology on communication: « Our future is not just…
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13 décembre 2018 0

The man who wanted to be happy

The man who wanted to be happy From Laurent Gounelle (2008)   « We are what we think. With our thoughts, we build our world« . Buddha It is difficult to synthesize a novel without deflowering it. Also summarized below, the main axes of the structure of the novel that can be seen consistent with the usual…
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17 octobre 2018 0

Dare to live together (1 + 1 =3) – relationship between the couple

relationship between a couple: Dare to live two of us (1 + 1 =3) from Fred. Fanget (Psychiatrist and psychotherapist) – Lyon – France – 2010   When a couple is formed, some unknown, uncontrollable part gives birth to a certain love fusion. But the alchemy of departure is not a promise of a successful…
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20 août 2018 0

The Intelligence of heart (1997)

social intelligence by Isabelle Filliozat (Psychologist) The intelligence of social relations: to animate a meeting, to speak in public, to overcome shyness, to respond to aggression, to assert oneself, to give his opinion, to listen, to cry, to motivate a team and to motivate yourself, to cope with adversity and change, resolve conflicts, … Would it not…
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28 novembre 2017 0

Emotional Intelligence (1995)

Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman – Picture: Dunkerque 2015 – When people with high IQs fail and others with modest IQs do successfully, I argue that the difference often comes from the capabilities we refer to here as Emotional Intelligence (IE).    


26 novembre 2017 0

Ego: …. obstacle to healing the 5 wounds

Lise Bourbeau Ego: The Greatest Obstacle to Healing the 5 Wounds Rejection Abandonment Humiliation Treason Injustice   we can form an acrostic in French « trahi » which means « betrayed » Some, not only experiment the same type of event several times in a lifetime, but must reincarnate one or more times in order to get to accept…
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Courage to be yourself

Jacques Salomé – Picture: Bondues 2013 – Psychosociologist, Jacques Salomé was a trainer in human relations for a long time and still struggles to teach communication in school as a subject in itself because for him; « It’s the only non-violent antidote to violence » The art of communicating in consciousness Main components of our personality (non-exhaustive…
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Sophie Madoum & Dr Danielle Dumonteil – Picture: 2014 – EMDR : Eyes Movement Desensitization and Retroprocessing In 2002, Francine Shapiro received the Sigmund Freund Award. David Servan-Schreiber was the president of EMDR France. EMDR reproduces the rapid eye movements of REM sleep and relives crucial memories related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).    


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Sophrology easy

Yves Davrou – Picture Bali 2008 – Feelings, thoughts, anxieties are translated at the level of the body by tensions. Can we reassure anxiety with arguments? Conversely, a relaxation of the body will help to relax the mind. The emotions-tension-emotions loop. If you are a vase too full, 2 solutions: empty from time to time or…
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