Sophrology easy

Sophrology easy

24 November 2017 coaching 0

Yves Davrou – Picture Bali 2008 –

Feelings, thoughts, anxieties are translated at the level of the body by tensions. Can we reassure anxiety with arguments? Conversely, a relaxation of the body will help to relax the mind. The emotions-tension-emotions loop.

If you are a vase too full, 2 solutions: empty from time to time or enlarge the vase!

To know your body, you have to listen to it (sensory). The sophrology makes possible to realize the SOMATISATION of the emotion.

Some people, no longer wanting to suffer, decide to inhibit all kinds of emotions. Mastery of emotions, but also responsibility, by the relativisation of things. People by rationality, suffer in the present, do not affirm projects, and dread the evocation of the past! Intuition, allows to apprehend the truth, without obvious reason. Added to this are notions of probability, chance, synchronicity, which reason has a great deal of difficulty in understanding.


  • Muscle relaxation (scalp, forehead, temples, eyebrows, nose, … toes, ..)
  • Vigilance: focus attention on breathing and exhaling (sigh) (between waking and sleeping)
  • Enjoy your sensations 2 to 3 minutes then after having recovered your spirits, note the positive. Sitting or standing, learn to breathe with your stomach.


Boost your qualities: self-conditioning or positive conditioning

  • Learn to fall asleep while previewing
  • By mentioning a word of “calm” at each expiration. The expiration being your conditioning vehicle
  • for this, please think about all these positive moments, pleasant (3C, coffee, …)
  • Must be done during the day, not at night. For a fortnight (2 weeks)


Learn to situate your body in space (become autonomous). Look at yourself from outside, and estimate the distances that separate the boundaries of the room.

Thanks to the integration of your corporality, you are aware of the bodily manifestations of your emotions. In a second time, we learn to control the emotion.


Learn to achieve the future:

Hope is the engine of life. But do we always do everything to fulfill our desires?

Put things in perspective without clouding on a single negative event on which we would bump (WALL).

Learn to correct yourself to resolve certain daily conflicts. We are waiting for a solution from the reason, which hastens to demand the change of attitude of the other! hence the impossibility of resolving conflicts.

Reconcile with the past: 3 memories

Learn to develop the imaginary (involuntary) …



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