Test 360 °

Test 360 °

21 November 2017 coaching 0

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Consolidation of the survey on regular basis:

The 360 degree is a method of diagnosis consisting in assessing the behavior of an individual evaluated by his superior, his collaborators, his subordinates, his internal or external customers. Normally the evaluator selects the participants for his assessment. Your evaluation remains anonymous and today it is consolidated with the answers of all the participants. This gives the national temperature of management in France. Soon (under development) you will get an individual reply picture.

It may be used for self-evaluation purposes, in which case the results are communicated only to the evaluated, with a purpose of personal development. The evaluated can then choose to share them or not with his team or his hierarchy. You can request a summary of your assessment.

It is above all a personal development tool that allows the appraiser to take stock of his managerial skills.

Usually, the method is as follows: the person evaluates himself by completing a questionnaire, which contains questions about his qualities and managerial skills. A similar questionnaire is submitted to the other people involved in the evaluation process and the responses are processed anonymously. A restitution is then carried out with the evaluated, after comparison of the answers. The results are interpreted using a graph and analyzed during a debriefing and interview with the evaluator. The purpose of the restitution is to take stock of the skills acquired and those to be developed. The 360 degree method was initially used by ESSO. Sometimes criticized because it tries to establish a ranking of individuals, it is appreciated in the evaluation of a group.

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