The dynamic spiral

The dynamic spiral

21 November 2017 coaching 0

Fabien et Patricia Chabreuil (2012)

In Dynamic Spiral, everything starts with the conditions of life. Each environment requires a certain way of thinking and acting to be operational or sometimes just to survive.

The transition from one environment to another is therefore a major change in which our entire conception of the world, of ourselves and of existence is completely reviewed and questioned.


The concept of intelligence has changed a lot in recent years. Until one-half century ago, intelligence was thought to be defined by IQ and was reduced to rational mental abilities. Notably since the work of Howard Gardner and the publication in 1983 of his theory of multiple intelligences, we consider that other capacities than rationality constitute indispensable forms of intelligence (logico-mathematical, spatial, interpersonal, corporal-kinesthetic, verbo-linguistic, intrapersonal and musical-rhythmic). Every human being has all these forms of intelligence, but developed to varying degrees.

Living conditions activate brain abilities. Brain abilities have nothing to do with intelligence. They are an ability to adapt to living conditions. No level of existence is good or bad in itself. One level of existence is better than another if it is better adapted to living conditions (circumstances).

  • Staying alone and in a group: Beige (satisfying her physiological needs) + Violet (the security of belonging to a group)
  • Acquire a personal and social identity: Red (develop one’s strength and personal strength) + Blue (the order and meaning of existence through society)
  • Ensure material and emotional satisfaction: Orange (satisfaction of material desires) + Green (in warm relations with others)
  • Rebuilding Man and the World: Yellow (developing competence, responsibility and autonomy) + Turquoise (holistic vision of life)

    Horizontal changes (in the same color or meme) and vertical. It is counterproductive to want to skip one or more levels of the dynamic spiral.


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