The princess who believed in fairy tales

The princess who believed in fairy tales

24 November 2017 coaching 0

Marcia Grad – Photo: Marcy L’étoile 2005 –

Raised in a very strict manner by the king and the queen who show themselves parents as severe as affective, the sweet princess Victoria grows up dreaming of being rescued one day by her Prince Charming, like all the girls of her fairy tales . And when the prince actually arrives, everything seems to be going for the best in the best of worlds until the day when she discovers that her prince is far from being as charming as in her tales. On the advice of a delicious owl who sings and plays the banjo, the princess leaves on the Path of Truth …

  • One day my Prince will come
  • The Little Princess and the royal protocol
  • Beyond the palace gardens• Prince Charming to the rescue
    • The Prince with two faces
    • You always damaged the most beautiful rose
    • Heart and reason
    • Do or do nothing
    • The Happiness Guide• The Way of Truth
    • The Sea of Emotions
    • The Land of Illusions
    • The Lost Travelers Camp
    • The Earth of reality
    • Travel to the land of the past
    • The valley of perfection
    • …


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