These loves that hurt us

These loves that hurt us

23 November 2017 coaching 0

Patricia Delahaie 2001 –

Can love be too big, too strong?

Yes, when we give to those who do not care. Or to those who do like they aren’t aware. Our fault is not to love too much, but too quickly (without carefulness, without anticipation). The complicity, the same turn of mind and the pleasure of being together are founders.

Do not dream too far … without the other

I love you there, at this moment, when for others, I love you is equivalent to a promise of marriage.

When we meet someone who does not know how to love, the suffering is different. Their poor-being has touched us and that is why we have so much trouble leaving them. “The situation is crazy”, “nothing is logical”, ..

Let’s stop analyzing too much, trying to understand. No need to brood in vain. Do not expect anything, on any plan, can have good surprises!



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