Transactional analysis use

Transactional analysis use

21 November 2017 coaching 0

AT 1

The AT is a theory of the personality (triune approach of the ego) and relationships (needs of recognition and structure) … with 1 contract: get better (for coaching)

The key ? Autonomy living here and now

  • In Clear Consciousness (identification of our prejudices (P) and Illusions (E)
  • With Spontaneity (our positive impulses of childhood)
  • and Intimacy: access and need to the other

Emotion is an immediate reaction. Feeling is a lasting feeling (and a mixture of emotions). Anger, Fear, Sadness, Dégout, Pleasure, …

Psychological games are mutual unconscious manipulations (shared responsibility 50 – 50 of its course) represented by the dramatic triangle, based on double transactions, relationships of dependence (symbiosis) or co-dependence (interference), domination, Life Positions (OK + / OK-) (Who is responsible?), Life Scenarios (Winner, Non-Winner and Loser).

AT 2

ex of Symbiosis: The dependent person lets the other think in his place and invites him in different ways to take all responsibilities. Communication is based on the implicit and the reading of thought. In communication, the exchanges are characterized by discrepancies between questions and answers: “it’s nothing to do for him”, the person devalues his own abilities, she disregards reality, practices abstention (she waits for it to happen pass), and is overadapting (I satisfy others and I do what I imagine they want).

Drivers (parental counter-injections): you’re OK …
• … if you are strong
• … if you are perfect
• … if you make an effort
• … if you’re happy
• … if you hurry
• …



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