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The Book

The modern enneagram

“Valuing the scientific part of the enneagram is no different from valuing the authenticity of its practice, whether spiritual, personal or professional. It’s a journey of discovery, discovering new things and checking out the things we think we know. “

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Research Projects

The cognitive map is a tool for visually representing ideas, strategies or concepts. It takes the form of a tree diagram …..

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A new approach adapted to the enneagram. Search for dissonance or discomfort in a person’s position in his enneatype.

Use of a specific enneagram test.

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Values are the basic principles guiding our lives, both at the individual and societal level. So understanding these values and their relationships allows us to promote them, invoke them or modify them according to our objectives.

In this study, we looked for the possible existence of links between enneatypes  and psychological values. We use the famous Schwartz’s test.

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The locus of control is a psychology concept proposed by Julian Rotter in 19541 which describes the fact that individuals differ in their appreciations. and their beliefs about what determines their success in a particular activity or, more generally, what influences the course of their life.

Hypothesis is that there is no link between an enneatype and the locus of control. In every enneatypes, people can have a high or low locus.

Use of the LOC test associated to every enneatypes.

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fred Lacroix