Men are from mars, women from Venus

Men are from mars, women from Venus

24 November 2017 psycho 0

John Gray – Picture: 2009 –

Who has never thought that men and women definitely do not speak the same language! Hence the frustrations, the misunderstandings, the rifts … while it is enough to know how to decode the reactions of the other.

The propensity of men to propose solutions without taking into account the sensibility (sensitivity) of their companions and, on the other hand, the female habit of giving free advice and seeking to control the life of their partner.


A man is not resistant to improvements when he is considered as a provider of solutions, and no longer as the source of the problem!

Good intentions are not enough!

When Martians seek to isolate themselves and meditate in silence on what concerns them, the Venusian instinct pushes them to discuss what is bothering them.

Men derive their motivation from feeling useful, while it is the fact of being loved that stimulates women.

The misunderstanding also comes from linguistic differences.



When a woman says … – Man answers …

(She wanted to express) – (what he understood)


we never go out – it’s not true, we went out last week

(I want to go out) – (she’s bored with me, I am not a good husband)

I’m tired of everything – change of job

(today I’m tired) – (she’s tired of me, of our couple)

Nothing works – it’s my fault, I guess?

(today I am overwhelmed) – (you never do anything good)

(luckily I can chat with you)

You do not love me anymore – not true. the proof I am here!

(I want to hear you today …) – (you’re selfish and indifferent)

After a period of closeness, man will inevitably experience the need to isolate himself (the principle of the elastic) and the art will be of identifying the most appropriate moment for an Open Heart conversation.

Men will learn to correctly interpret their sometimes sudden mood changes, to discern when their partner needs them most, and how to provide effective support.

The natural tendency to give the kind of love that they themselves want to receive, rather than the one the opposite sex needs.


The woman needs first of all … – and the man of ….





welcome feelingsapproval

to be reassuredencouragement

The men will realize that by acting as if they were always right, without taking into account the sensibility (sensitivity) of their companion, they arouse in her a reaction of blockage. On their side, women will discover that, without their knowledge, their disagreement is often perceived by the man as a manifestation of disapproval which incites him to retrench in a defensive attitude.

The difference between “to can” and “to want” and their derivatives. Venusians think that difference does not matter and that it is giving importance to something that does not have so much. “to can” engenders a notion of capacity (or incapacity). “to want” leaves the power of decision.

The 4 seasons of love, a realistic approach to growth and changing feelings. How your past and that of your partner can affect the present state of your relationship.



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