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21 novembre 2017 ennéagramme 0

Nine strengths coexisting in each of us – Picture: corsica 1990 –

The Enneagram helps us to better understand the complexity of our motivations, our contradictions, and offers us the opportunity of a personal evolution of the most enriching way.


Few books and web sites:

  • Claudio Naranjo: Enneagram, character and neurosis – a reference work. He developed his own version of the enneagram that is best known in the West since the 1970s.
    Helen Palmer: The Enneagram Guide, Understanding Others and Yourself Every Day – She undertook to purge the Enneagram of all spiritual or religious references and make it a branch of the human development movement. She managed to sell 200,000 copies of her first book and managed to host the First International Enneagram Conference by the prestigious Stanford University.
    Richard Rohr & Andreas Ebert: The 9 faces of the soul – here is implemented a spiritual psychology that concretely and practically associates inner experience with modern knowledge of man.
    Eric Salmon: the Enneagram – founder of the Enneagram study center in France, working at HEC Management, he runs internships in France and abroad in keeping with Helen Palmer’s pure oral tradition.
    Eric Salmon: The Enneagram Key: Sub-Types – if you want to deepen the Enneagram and subtypes.
    Jean-Philippe Vidal: The Enneagram Envolutive: An Integrative Model of the Human Psyche – The Enneagram Envolutive is the Integration of Know-How from Proven Approaches (NLP, Hypnosis, Systemic, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt , …) in the unifying framework offered by the traditional enneagram.
    René de Lassus: The enneagram, the 9 personality types – Synthetic, complete and pocket
    Patricia and Fabien Chabreuil, founders of the French Institute of the Enneagram®, published three books.


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