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Our Enneagram solution

Our vision is a world where the Enneagram is known, recognized and used in inclusion and relativism.

To understand otherness, you have to start by understanding yourself. The enneagram is extraordinary in becoming less and less alien to yourself. As I see it, it is as I am.

To do this, we have specialized in offering Enneagram services, tools and solutions for people, coaches and organizations around the world.

About Enneagram solution

The Enneagram is a psychodynamic model that describes 9 deep motivations that govern people and influence their behavior. Today, the enneagram is widely used in the United States and Europe in schools for athletes, managers, businessmen, for professional and personal growth. 

It may seem paradoxical, but to understand that we are much more than our type, we must study this type, in order to understand our defense mechanisms. And it is only by studying our automatic behaviors and thoughts that we can understand how much we can be slaves to certain mechanical reactions and habits. This understanding can help us weaken their power over us, ideally freeing ourselves from our type. What if what I felt was up to me?

Knowing the defensive system allows for more precise typing by defining the differences between types and a direction of outreach work. By observing them when they are activated and how they act in us or in the person we coach. And if we believe that it is a magical tool that solves everything without commitment, we have the same illusion about the issues in our life.

The great thing about the enneagram is that it is easy to use for everyone. And very powerful and complex for those who want to dig deeper.

Our solution

We offer a large set of information about Enneagram types, personality, motivations and limiting beliefs, creating development potential for everyone and for organizations. We develop 7 enneagram items in our custom reports  and offer development exercises that can be applied immediately. Our tests have been validated on more than 1000 people for many years. We offer online trainings with accreditation, a network of coaches and enneagram experts all around the world, and a digital support (Web pages, online questionnaires, SEO, inbound marketing ..).

Our solutions are applied to individual coaching and growth, team and leadership development, change management and other organizational transformations. They are more comprehensive and cutting edge than numerous enneagram tests.

7 items for each of the 9 enneagram types generating 1 728 potential reports:

  1. Type
  2. Subtype
  3.  Dominant Center
  4. Wing
  5. Congruence
  6. Self-Affirmation Level
  7. Integration Level


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About us

C5s is a French company based in Lyon. We offer Enneagram services, tools and solutions for people, coaches and organizations around the world. After 20 years of Enneagram practice, we aim to share our business and spiritual experience.

Thanks to a worldwide network, we innovate with powerful and easy-to-use solution like the new Enneagram Mind Map, an efficient tool for coaching. We combine digital technology and networking with Enneagram, cognitive psychology and coaching. Our questionnaire have been translated into French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Polish.

Our web platform for enneagram trainings enables every coaches around the world to get accredited and to spread the enneagram culture without to have to travel abroad or at expansive cost.

We have the technology to support coaches which are not so fluent with internet or community management and prefer to stay focus on their main enneagram or coaching activity.

We aim for a world where the enneagram is well known and used without judgment of obedience.

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Including your type, your subtype, your dominant center, your wing …. and development exercices

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