Personality Tests

Tests of personality - tests de personnalité

Personal development & professional performance are not opposed but complementary

It is now impossible to manage a group or a company effectively without considering people. In the first place, it is the Human Element, which will make the difference all along the time, whatever the right strategy and operations.

In other words, it is the consideration of people that is the key to performance. It is impossible to consider people without understanding oneself. Motivations, fixations, acts with benevolence and with authenticity: the keys of Interpersonal Relations. In a professional or personal world.

However, are you sure you know yourself ? What do your loved ones think ? Your collaborators or colleagues ? do they have the same image of you as yourself ? In reality, our prisme, our considerations on ourselves, sometimes too indulgent, sometimes implacable, is rarely right!


The enneagram and personality tests are neutral tools, allowing a co-responsible approach. Identifying blocking points is valuable information for setting up cognitive strategies:

Coaching or brief therapies:
NLP, Transactional Analysis, Hypnosis, EFT, EMDR, Sophrolgy, Coaching with Sport, Nutrition …

HR, Management, Leadership, Team Cohesion, Performance, change Management, Sales Force …


You are unique. And yet everyone, we respond to unconscious automatic behaviors that can in some situations get up unsuitable and repetitive. Our consideration on ourselves, sometimes too indulgent, sometimes implacable, is rarely right! 

Personality tests do not lock us in boxes, but open to discussion and reflection. What is the risk ? To know ourself much better ?

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