The Enneagram

  • Do you want to join a global network of enneagram specialists?
  • To use it even to develop your professional activity?
  • Do you want to offer a free online enneagram test?

 Then this web page is for you!

England ... & The Enneagram


John Doe

is the British representative of our global enneagram network

In London

Have a look to his web site!

The Enneagram test

Free of charge – Anonymous – Downloadable reports

(English translation to check or to complete)

And of course your enneagram training

  • Online training
  • Face-to-face training
  • Coaching

to be completed


And up to you

integrate the texts and messages you want

My name is fred (lacroix)

The company is C5s

Contact me:

+33 (0)6 8696 5322


or Visit my French web site and have a look.

I am French and I have practiced enneagram for 20 years.

I created an enneagram school in France and I make business.

Today I want to create with you our worldwide enneagram network.

Join us !

(only 1 or 2 places by country)

You are interested ?

You speak French or English !

And you are an enneagram practionner and you want to integrate a worldwide network.

You want to generate business or simply to take advantage free of charge of a worldwide network of enneagram practionners ?

Free of charge:

  • access to digital tests on the enneagram (you will have to translate in your language)
  • an access to respondent results
  • access to a web page in your language
  • acess to monthly Zoom meeting with practionners 

With charges:

you chose among the items below and you generate business

  • with digital trainings (you will have to translate in your language) you promote on line in your country
  • and with coaching you associate in parallel of the on line trainings
  • with face to face trainings (provided support material)
  • with enneagram tests adapted to you and your clients, with your logo
  • then with a catalog of over 50 other digital tests to associate with enneagram (let-up, young schema, TA …..)
  • with tests or trainings I can create in digital form for you 

Password: audrey