Let Go

Let Go

24 November 2017 coaching 0

Guy Finley – Picture: Gato 2013 –

Some people strongly believe that their emotional problems have external causes. Others blame diet, past lives, heredity, viruses, family environment, or air pollution.

“Let go” does not mean living in regret, looking for a new solution to an old problem, or reducing our expectations.

To give up oneself is to give up his problems because the two are one and the same. “Let go” does not require strength, but the desire to identify the need. When we see the problem, we know the solution. The evil does not go to you, it comes from you. It’s easy to let go when you do not have a choice

Do not try to change the world around you. Instead, change your attitude and your point of view.

Our idea of ​​Happiness is most often the very cause of our Woe. We don’t create our happiness. It is the consequence of nothing. Happiness comes to those who understand that we can not conquer it. Happiness is part of life, and we find it living.



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