Methods of psychotherapy in France

Methods of psychotherapy in France

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Psychotherapy aims to treat the discomfort that everyone can meet 1 day. Depending on the situation and the desire for change, move to 1 targeted state.

There are about 400 different methods. Which method to choose? 5 major currents in occident

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1) Humanist – Existential:

Bio-energetic analysis, transactional analysis (7%), psycho-organic, art Th., Gestalt (7%), HypnoTh., NLP Th., Psychodrama, Psy motivation, Sexo Th., Somato Th., PsychoTh. transpersonal, …

Born in the 50s, this approach puts back man at the center of psychology which became increasingly scientific, “cold” as psychoanalysis and behaviourism (behavioral) according to his supporters. Respect of the 5 main Dimensions: physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual. Respect for difference and the right to blossom. About 50% of psycho Th. In France.

2) Dynamic or analytic:

Psychoanalysis (12%), analytic psychoTh. (FtF) (10%).

Libidinal impulses and repression (Sigmund Freund 1856-1939). Unconscious, Ego (defensive), over Ego (values) and Id (instinct). 5,000 psychoanalysts in France, of which 1,000 are recognized.

3) Cognito-Behavior:

HypnoTh. (classic, Ericksonienne, Sophro), TCC (Cognito Behavior Therapies) (12%), ..

Taking into account cognitions and behaviors (verbal and nonverbal). The important thing is not what happens to us, but how we take it. The difficulties are due to our way of thinking and the perception of events. Intervention of the therapist on the validity of the thought process and the effect of life.

4) Systemic:

Thérapies familliales (10%), et systémique, …

A cell, a person, a family, a company constitute so many systems. Spark change in the “here and now” (not the past) and break the vicious circle.

5) Multi-reference & integrative:

PsychoTh. multiref.

A mix between the 4 above approaches !


Consciousness: ability to subjectively apprehend external phenomena (sensation) or inner phenomena (emotions, thoughts)

The Ego: representation and self-awareness (foundation of the personality) or hindrance to our personal (spiritual) development.

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