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Free online questionnaires

My vision is a world where the Enneagram is known and recognized, used in inclusion and with flexibility.

To do this, we have specialized in providing services, products and solutions related to the enneagram and transactional analysis for people, teams and organizations around the world.

We provide free online testing on

  1. Enneagram
  2. Transactional Analysis
  3. Additional testing for coaching

Free testing

Personality tests remain tools of discovery. They are not in any way a guarantee, nor a medical opinion, nor tools that put you in a box. They describe a possible trend that may get your attention. These tests do not know you for you. They are only the reflection of your answers.

Our personality testing is completely free, anonymous. We do not share your contact details which are to be indicated … only if you wish.

At the end of the tests you get a downloadable report with your results.

Most cognitive tests are psychotechnical tests validated by scientific teams whose official code is indicated and sourced.

In addition to these free testing, we provide professionals with paid services to support their activities.

  • Enneagram reports (24 pages with customized results)
  • Enneagram minmap ®
  • Training (online) and accreditation on Enneagram
  • Web support
  • A WorldWide Network for enneagram experts and coaches

Do you want to develop your own Testing or Questionnaires or to set up a survey?

We have the technology and the know-how to develop and promote testing of your creation or any survey / quiz that interests you.

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Our Online trainings

We are a declared and referenced training organization.

We are a well established Enneagram Institute in France, and more & more in the World.

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