Type 3 of Enneagram

Type 3 of Enneagram

4 September 2021 Enneagram 0

Enneagram Type 3 (Enneatype 3) – The Performer

Popularized in the 1970s in the mainstream of humanist psychology, the enneagram is a method of personal development and management.

The Enneagram describes nine different ways of approaching the world, and consequently nine very different ways of interacting with it. Ennea means 9 in Greek. Each of the 9 Enneatypes has its strengths, its weaknesses. Each of us privileges certain information and leaves others aside, in an unconscious way, limiting ourselves to one version of reality. This personal development tool allows you to get to know yourself better and to free yourself from certain sometimes limiting automatisms, and thus improve your interpersonal relationships and well-being.

The enneagram fits well with approaches in modern psychology. Like mindfulness, it emphasizes the importance of arousal over the “autopilot” of daily routines. Like cognitive and behavioral approaches, it relies on beliefs and the identification of inappropriate patterns. Its cognitive and emotional structure can be a useful and powerful guide.

Each individual has the nine profiles of the Enneagram within him, but does not develop them all in the same way. What makes each person unique.

See below the description of type 3 of the enneagram

Famous Performers

Type 3 ennéagramme
Paris Hilton
Type 3 ennéagramme
Alain Delon
Type 3 ennéagramme
Bernard Tapie
Type 3 ennéagramme
Jean Paul Belmando

What I feel. How i see myself

I am an efficient person. There are those who say and those who do. The opportunities are plentiful, you just need to move forward with a goal, make decisions and roll up the sleeves. Also I am an optimist by nature and I know how to share my enthusiasm with others. So my sense of organization, or my adaptability to situations and people make me quite efficient. I love the activity, and I can handle several at the same time. In fact, over the years my accomplishments have earned me a certain amount of esteem. Indeed, I succeed in what I do because I identify with what I do and I like to be the best. I love to win, and losing doesn’t matter if you can improve, and then win.

I admit that my agenda is full and besides my time is precious because there is so much to achieve. Besides, I don’t like being wasted my time unnecessarily or being thrown into my head. Indeed, you have to know how to put your feelings aside to achieve your goals! Not that the feelings are not important on the contrary. Besides, I’m a bit of a charmer. Indeed I am attentive to what people feel. This allows me to be a chameleon at times and adapt to situations. Especially since success is of little value if it is not recognized by others.

I like

  • Achieve and succeed
  • Be efficient, busy and active
  • To be recognized and appreciated for my achievements
  • Live the competition

I don't like

  • Have nothing to do
  • Meetings that go on forever
  • Missing a goal or an opportunity through negligence
  • Have to wait

How others perceive me

Type 3 is expressed by evaluating the world based on social success. He thinks he gets love and attention based on his results, his successes. The image he sends back becomes essential and he tends to amplify the reality of his success.

He mixes “having” and “being”, and has difficulty dissociating what he is from his own achievements.

Type 3s are known to be leaders, winners, with the downside that can sometimes involve, which is cheating!



People of this personality type need to be recognized in order to feel worthy, have the success they pursue, and be admired. They are hard working, competitive and focused on pursuing their goals. For example, if their goal is to be the best salesperson in their business or be the sexiest woman in their social circle. They are often “self-made”. That is to say, they are built by their own experience. Usually the area they are good at is one where this type finds the outside approval he desperately needs.

The Three is socially competent, often outgoing and sometimes charismatic. He knows how to present himself, is sure of himself, practical and whole. The Three has a lot of energy and often seems to embody a contagious kind of joie de vivre. These people easily climb the ranks thanks to their relationship skills. But while this guy tends to be successful regardless of the field, he focuses his energy on his secret fear of being or becoming a loser.



The Three has difficulty finding intimacy. Behind the need to be recognized for his image, often hides a deep sense of shame towards who he really is. He fears being exposed during a too intimate relationship. The Three is often generous and kind, but it is difficult to really get to know him. If his mental health is good, he can slip into a form of extreme narcissism and can become ruthless in the pursuit of his goals.

The Enneagram Type 3 Profile

I am successful, I am efficient

Unconditional scheme

“The world only recognizes those who achieve things, those who succeed”

Conditional scheme

“If I want to exist, I must therefore succeed and be recognized by it”


I am used of focusing on results, adapting and showing a good image, since recognition will depend on my performance. So I move forward without paying too much attention to my own feelings and those of others if they do not interfere with the results.

play a role, progress in performance and efficiency, project a good image to better achieve the goal.

Paradoxes :         

  • Believing that becoming super efficient will bring you success, recognition and love.
  • Forgetting yourself is not a success

efficiency, enthusiasm, ability to motivate, pragmatism, sense of organization, actor in one’s life

For this: I identify myself (defense mechanism). I identify with what I do and what I own. I am my activity. Without paying too much attention to my feelings.

This is above all a lie to myself, because I believe that I am someone because I do and I have. It also becomes a lie to others to keep this image of success.

Risks :

to be seen as disrespectful of the pace of others, ambitious, careerist, competitive, conceited, not genuine and calculating, opportunistic.

be effective in taking care of others

  • Moderate the pace
  • Welcome feelings
  • Admit that failure is not a disaster
  • Realize that others love you for you, not for what you do.

Projections and wings

When Enneagram Type 3 is under stress, he projects to his region of disintegration. He then resembles type 9 by its neutral and indolent side.

In the phase of security and tranquility, type 3 projects himself into his integration zone and behave like a type 6 flourished by collaborating, becoming attentive and involved in the happiness of others.

  • With a pronounced wing 2: the Charmer.
  • With a pronounced wing 4: the Carriériste.

Confusions and similarities with other types

Enneagram type 3 can sometimes have difficulty recognizing himself as such by confusing superficial characteristics of his personality with indicators of his type.

So, for example, an intellectual Three could take itself for a 5; a Three who is fully dedicated to her role as a mother might think she is a 2; a Three in a leadership position could be mistaken for an 8, etc. Whatever manifestation, however, is at the heart of the fixation type, the Three has a deep need for external validation. Which is not at all necessary for example an 8 or a 5.

Other Enneatypes

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