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are the acronyms of World Enneagram Network and World Coach Network. These are 2 networks of Enneagram experts (WEN) and Coaches (WCN) around the world. These are networks that are basically voluntary and free. We envision a world in which the Enneagram is widely understood and used constructively and inclusively.

I created these 2 networks in 2021. One (WEN) brings together experts from around the world and discusses best practices. The other (WCN) to disseminate best practices by supporting coaches around the world.

I specialized in providing services, products and solutions related to the enneagram for people, teams and organizations around the world.

How did I get here? I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

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I strongly believe in psychosocial skills (cognitive, emotional and social). Whether personally or professionally, it starts with knowing yourself better. It can be measured and may be shared.

I started in the professional world as a laboratory technician (University of Lyon). Then I grew up thanks to men and women like Philippe, Jean-Paul, Nathalie, Thierry …

Thanks to, among others, bioMérieux (over 20 years) and internal training (ESC Lyon, IMM Paris, Mercuri, Finance …), I was able to access positions of responsibility, as a member of the board and vice-president of sales & marketing in pharmaceutical groups. I have been bathed for over 30 years in international relations and managing teams around the world. But also in a veterinary radiotherapy start-up in Lille. I had the chance to live in Holland, Belgium, the United States, and I am back to my roots in Lyon.

And whatever the experience, I have always come to the same conclusion: it is the Human Factor that makes the difference. Whether in well-being, personal or professional development, or in team management and business development.

By human factor, I mean our beliefs and values, our flexibility in the face of uncertainty, our emotional intelligence and our biases in decision making. When faced with a difficult situation, seeing the problems is easy. Yet understanding the root causes, accepting to question yourself and commit to change is more complex. Whether individual or organizational!

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In 2017, I became officially an Enneagram & TA Practitioner, as well as  Neuro Behavioral Coach to formalize my beliefs. But I have been practicing the enneagram and TA (transactional analysis) since 2000. I am self-employed through the company C5s. Since 2019, I have been offering my consulting and business coaching and distance training services.

Autonomous digitally speaking (html, SEO, inbound marketing …), I create my own Web sites, my tests and my trainings using web platforms. I try to share as much as possible on this website

C5s is an Enneagram Institute in Lyon (France).

I have trained numerous people with Enneagram and the goal now is to spread this expertise outside France.

 “Think global, act local”

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

World Enneagram Network

The Lyon Enneagram Network is present in more than 40 countries

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