Enneagram reports

C5s Enneagram Reports offer one of the best Enneagram personality type assessment currently available. It corresponds to a reliable test to coaches, working to help people develop themselves. Clients find the report accurate, detailed and extremely helpful in gaining new insights about themselves and their development and growth.

The report supports the executive coaching with a lot of information.


The test has been validated (reliability) through a study of 918 participants. The discriminating power of 78% is excellent for an iodographic psychometric test.


A customized report of 24 pages among
1 728 potential profiles. Type, Subtype, Center, Wing, congruence, Assertiveness, integration level.


The report suggests development exercices (Psychological, spiritual and body) that are immediatly applicable.

Coach Support

The report supports the executive coaching with a lot of information saving time and energy to identify the enneagram type.


The C5s reports respect the enneagram model and present individual results as graphs and in a structured dialogue.

Individual & Team

Adapted to individual approach, the report can be used with large team or corporate in organization.

The enneagram reports contain the following information

About the main enneagram style, the strengths and weaknesses, and motivations.

About the focus of attention and fundamental   values that influence the feelings and actions.

About the balance between rational, emotional and instinctive approaches.

The wings refers to the way in which one of the adjacent  Enneagram  styles  influences the main Enneagram style.

How much the person is consistent with person’s ideal self and actual experience.

About the social and communication skills and  the enneagram style.

This measure indicates the stress level and the corresponding lines of tension and release.

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