The Burn-out

The Burn-out

24 November 2017 coaching 0

The Burn-out by Dr Christian Stock – Picture: Daytona Beach 2014 –

The burn-out (BO) is a chronic stress (Stress is the cause, the BO is the consequence). And there is no repayment today in France by the governmental social entities for the Burn-out (2015).

There must be a necessary balance between stimulation and tension (See graph)

The 3 main symptoms are:

  • Exhaustion
  • Detachment
  • Inefficiency

Physical and emotional exhaustion:

Chronic fatigue, muscular tension, sleep disorder, memory pb, depression, little control over emotions, crying, anxiety, emptiness, isolation.


Above all, it results in a depreciative aptitude towards others. To the extreme; contempt, sarcasm, aggression


Excessive commitment is often the origin. Commitment that can not be maintained indefinitely. We are in the middle between pretension and capacity!

Enthousiasm –> Stop –> Frustration –> Apathy

(Perfection? urgency? Do more ?  –>  disappointment  –>  sens ?  value ? –> strict minimum)

Internal Stress : personality; quest for success, AT drivers (prejudices), lack of resistance (coherence, resilience, coping, …)

and / or external Stress: Environment: workloads, increased requirements (more info) , regulation, solicitations 24/7, lack of recognition, lack of respect, conflicts of values, …

Stress: self-test

Burn-out: self-test: Christine Maslach’s tedium Measure (1981)

Enneagram can be a good tool to manage better the buen-out



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