Networking ?

My vision is a world where the Enneagram is known and recognized, used in inclusion and with flexibility.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

To understand otherness, you have to start by understanding yourself. The enneagram is extraordinary in becoming less and less alien to yourself.

As I see it is as I am”  Maura Amelia Bonanno (Italy)

To do this, I specialized in providing Enneagram services, tools and solutions for people, coaches and organizations around the world. This through 2 networks:

  • WEN: World Enneagram Network – Enneagram experts in more than 40 countries
  • WCN: World Coach Network – a platform for coaches around the world

Network : Our solutions

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Networks of Enneagram Experts (WEN) and Coaches (WCN) around the world

Technician – Consulting. 
Get Accreditation (€ 150)

Online or Zoom trainings

Outstanding report : 24-page reports
among 1,728 potential enneagram profiles


Enneagram Test and Subtype

Your web pages, your own tests in your language, e-Marketing (SEO, SEA, Google …)

Who is C5s ?

C5s is a French company based in Lyon. We offer Enneagram services, tools and solutions for people, coaches and organizations around the world. After 20 years of Enneagram practice, we aim to share our business and spiritual experience.

Thanks to a worldwide network, we innovate with powerful and easy-to-use solutions like the new Enneagram Mind Map, an efficient tool for coaching. We combine digital technology and network with Enneagram and cognitive psychology and coaching. Our Enneagram questionnaire has been translated into French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Polish.

Our web platform for enneagram trainings enables every coaches around the world to get accredited and to spray the enneagram culture without to have to travel abroad and at reasonable cost.

We have the technology to support coaches which are not so fluent with internet or community management and prefer to stay focus on their main enneagram or coaching activity.

We aim for a world where the enneagram is well known and used without judgment of its obedience

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My name is fred.

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