Type 7 of Enneagram

Type 7 of Enneagram

3 September 2021 Enneagram 0

Enneagram Type 7 (Enneatype 7) – The Epicurean

Popularized in the 1970s in the mainstream of humanist psychology, the enneagram is a method of personal development and management.

The Enneagram describes nine different ways of approaching the world, and consequently nine very different ways of interacting with it. Ennea means 9 in Greek. Each of the 9 Enneatypes has its strengths, its weaknesses. Each of us privileges certain information and leaves others aside, in an unconscious way, limiting ourselves to one version of reality. This personal development tool allows you to get to know yourself better and to free yourself from certain sometimes limiting automatisms, and thus improve your interpersonal relationships and well-being.

The enneagram fits well with approaches in modern psychology. Like mindfulness, it emphasizes the importance of arousal over the “autopilot” of daily routines. Like cognitive and behavioral approaches, it relies on beliefs and the identification of inappropriate patterns. Its cognitive and emotional structure can be a useful and powerful guide.

Each individual has the nine profiles of the Enneagram within him, but does not develop them all in the same way. What makes each person unique.

See below the description of type 7 of the enneagram

Famous Epicureans

Dalaï Lama
Type 7 ennéagramme
Jacques Prévert
Type 7 ennéagramme
Gérard Jugnot
Type 7 ennéagramme
Henri Salvador

What I feel. How i see myself

I am naturally optimistic and positive. There are always solutions. In fact, I have several plans on a daily basis. More exactly, options, plans B and C. It is useful, because if the situation does not please me it is important to have immediate and more pleasant solutions! I am guided by the pleasure of my days. I have a sharp and alert mind, I like to connect things and concepts with each other.

Then I quickly understand. What I like is about starting projects. Even I’m not necessarily going to complete them, especially if it’s laborious. I have a little trouble with pessimist people or those who drown in their problems. Life is made to be happy, it is not good to be locked in by constraints. I love diversity, novelty, creativity and good deals! Consequently, I don’t like routine and anything that robs me of my freedom.

I like

  • The diversity
  • Adventure, travel
  • Joke
  • To charm
  • To think about projects

I don't like

  • To feel locked in
  • Fine-tuning the details
  • To talk about what’s wrong
  • Routine
  • A day when nothing happens

How others perceive me

The 7’s basically have the desire to make their life an exciting adventure. The Seven are forward-looking, don’t sit still, and are generally convinced that something better is waiting for them around the corner. They have quick thinking, a lot of energy, and plan a lot. They tend to be outgoing and open-minded. Then they are passionate people who enjoy the pleasures of the senses and do not believe in any form of self-sacrifice.

They have multiple skills. The 7s know how to network, promote themselves and their interests. They often have an entrepreneurial spirit and are able to convey their enthusiasm to those with whom they come into contact. When they are able to focus their talents, they are often very successful. Focusing isn’t always easy for the Seven, however, as their tendency to believe that something better is awaiting them makes them reluctant to narrow down the number of choices available or pursue their goals. Indeed, despite their excellent synthesis, creativity and planning skills, carrying out his plans to the end is not their main concern. Moreover, they are rarely punctual.

If something appeals to them, they tends to consume it without moderation. Thier “passion” is intemperance (or gluttony); it concerns any source of pleasure and not just food or drink.



Enneagram type 7 generally thinks highly of himself and his talents. He tends to focus on his strengths and virtues and downplay his flaws and vices. They are often a little self-centered, which manifests itself in an unfounded feeling of having a right to certain things. Since the Seven don’t want to face their own darkest emotions, they have a hard time recognizing the suffering that other people are going through, so they sometimes find it hard to see other people’s reality. The intensity with which the Seven escape negative emotions is really a direct measure of their sanity.

They are generally playful, full of gaiety and excellent swaggers always ready to party! Type 7 is a teaser, often considered the one who “plays the clown”, always good to make people laugh. However, he rarely gets involved in a relationship in an intense and intimate way than he seems. He is wary of the couple’s imprisonment, unless this union allows him maximum freedom.

We understand that regulations, laws and authority are not type 7’s best friends!

The Enneagram Type 7 Profile

I am happy and cheerful

Unconditional scheme

“The world has its restrictive limits which generate unnecessary suffering”

“But i’m a special person”

Conditional scheme

“If I want to avoid this suffering, I must focus on the positive and the fun”

“If I amuse and dazzle others, I’ll get what I need to survive”


I am used to planning fun and positive projects, and to consider several options to limit the constraints. So I take advantage as soon as possible of goods things.

joy, optimism, taking a bite of life, opening doors.

Paradoxes :         

  • Avoiding suffering does not erase suffering and problems
  • Enjoying good things without moderation produces discomfort

humor, sense of lightness, creativity, enthusiasm, liveliness, cheerfulness, optimism

For that: I rationalize (defense mechanism). I create a logical and positive explanation even if it means distorting reality. So I block my emotions and I can desensitize myself from myself and others to avoid my suffering.

I always want more of everything (food, games, laughter…) for fear of lack.


to be seen as superficial, scattered, unruly, rebellious, narcissistic and excessive


  • I recognize my quest for idealized projects
  • I accept a certain place for pain and uncomfortable emotions
  • Then I commit and I respect my commitments
  • I am learning to become more aware of others

Projections and wings

When Enneagram Type 7 is under stress, he projects to his region of disintegration. He then resembles type 1 by his critical, picky and angry side.

In the phase of security and tranquility, type 7 of the enneagram projects himself into his zone of integration and behaves like a type 5 fulfilled and observes life with calm and moderation.

With a wing 6 pronounced: the public entertainer.
With a pronounced wing 8: the Realist.

Confusions and similarities with other types

As he is outward-facing and not particularly tempted by introspection, it is not uncommon for Enneagram type 7 to have the wrong type.

Sometimes they think they are 8 because the 7 can be dominant, especially if the 8 is their main wing. But 8’s are not anxious and they lack the quickness and mental energy that is characteristic of 7’s.

7s can easily think of themselves as 3s, but 3s are much more determined than 7s and don’t suffer from the desire to keep all alternatives open.

Surprisingly, a few 7s may think they are 4. When they recognize the disparity between the optimistic and hedonistic view they project for the world and themselves, and their internal anxiety states, they may mistake their pain for Type 4 melancholy. 7s escape this pain, however, while 4s often cultivate their negative mental states.

Other Enneatypes

Description of each of the other Enneatypes


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