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World Enneagram Network

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

A network of enneagram experts in more than 40 countries in the world. Sharing best practices and validating new tools.

Free, no charge !

Enneagram online test

Our Enneagram test has been validated with almost 900 participants.

We can translate the test in your own language with your logo, and adapt the report you want.

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Enneagram Report

A report of 24 pages (standard report) among 1 728 potential profiles. From our enneagram questionnaire, we asses 7 variables of enneagram and suggest development exercices (Psychological, spiritual and body) that are immediatly applicable:

  1. Type
  2. Subtype
  3. Dominant center
  4. Wing
  5. Congruence
  6. Assertiveness level
  7. Integration level

Create your own test !

We create your own test / questionnaire.

In your own language, with your logo …

From a catalog of more than 50 tests or from your design.

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For 50 € / year only !

Online Accreditation / Training

  • You want to be certified as Enneagram technician (150 €) or as expert (2 000 €), with the possibility to use an enneagram test ?
  • You want to develop your own online training, in your language ? We have the technology.

Enneagram MindMap®

A new enneagram tool to coach.


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Your Web Page & Posts

To create a web site is relatively easy and not so much expansive.

But to get visitors and contacts is another challenge. Maintenance, Design, Troubleshooting, Referencing …

Be focus on your business, we manage the rest for you.

Just design your web page and all the posts you want, without to spend time and money on a web site!

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