Enneagram Partnership

Enneagram partnership

Enneagram Partnership

Continuing cultural changes are inevitable, and the ongoing networking one is neither more nor less powerful than many that have occurred.

Let’s be partner in a win/win collaboration. Let’s walk a while together. You are the expert in your country, and we provide you with enneagram technology, raw material and open mind.

Pick up among the 4 different options below and complete your offer with enneagram in your country(ies) !

Beware, only 1 partner per country !

Trouver son type ennéagramme

Your own E9 test

In your language, with your logo, adapted to your style !

Your own report

With the Premium test, your clients get a personnalized and full report.

Your own online training

Be present on the web, grow your image,

combine with coaching and face-to-face training.

Ex.: 5 customers / month with a customer price of 200 €

= 1 000 € / month (12 000 € / year). Less 35 % fees = 7 800 € / year

Your own Web pages

Today it’s so easy to create for free a web site. But what about to get visitors ? Are you fluent with SEO and Google rules ? And to assure maintenance, up-grades, security ? May be you prefer to focus on your activity and business without to lose time on the Web !

Solution: use our web site to create your own web pages !

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