Enneagram tools

Our 5 enneagram tools, essential for personal development or for coaching.

Set of 9 mental (or cognitive) maps. 1 card per enneatype.

  • Facilitates the memorization of the characteristics of an enneatype
  • Allows you to easily visualize the association of beliefs, compulsions and fixations.

The maps are presented in the form of tree diagrams, allowing a synthetic presentation of every enneatypes.

It has been a long time since humans understood the value of associating ideas with images (Better communication and memorization).

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The Enneagram C5 reports offer one of the best assessments of the Enneagram personality type currently available. They are based on:

  • A reliable and validated enneagram test
  • A personalized 24-page report from 1,728 potential profiles
  • Personalized development exercises

The report supports operational coaching or is an excellent support for personal developmen

Our Tests :

Identify your enneatype with :

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All of our tests can be adapted with your Logo and Motto.

4 - Online Enneagram training

Online Training with accreditation

Learn at your own pace, with our online Enneagram training program, on our e-learning platform..

Accessible to everyone

  • With the support of an Enneagram practitioner
  • Private forum 24/7
  • Enneagram tests
  • Regular self-assessment MCQs
  • Certified training (practical and theoretical exams)
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