World Enneagram Network

The World Enneagram Network

the world enneagram network

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

If you wanna go fast, walk alone

If you wanna go far, let’s walk together

Enneagram is a well recognized model of human personality and development.

One of the most common questions when introducing people to the enneagram goes something along the lines of “Yes, but is it real ? What scientific evidence is there ?” *

The World Enneagram Network (WEN) intends

  • to develop, demonstrate and share the enneagram validity by researches and experiments of worldwide practitioners
  • to share new and best practices between a worldwide community of members

* “But is it real?” A review of research on the enneagram by Anna Sutton


A worldwide community of enneagram experts


Sharing  and validating new and best practices


Free access * to on-line tools for research investigations (test, survey...) **



* To be translated in your own language

** for research use only (with charge for business development)


The network provides free of charge a secure floor of exchanges at the world wide level, on-line tools for investigations and selected members. In order to join this network, members need to fill basic requirements.

For both Premium and Explorer Members

  • Respect of ethics and conditions of the network
  • Interest for multicultural exchanges and for enneagram development
  • 1 or 2 members by country
  • Well recognized local practitioner (Institute, Book, Publication …)
  • Interest to share expertise and to make enneagram a well established model
  • Practice of Enneagram for few years
  • Psychotherapist, coach, practitioner from a well identified and recognized enneagram school or entity
  • Willing to spread enneagram in your country
  • Interest to investigate enneagram field through interviews or on-line tests and to share
Réseau Ennéagramme


From the members

  • To respect the ethics of the network and the local rules
  • Be in compliance with the laws in force in his country and / or his professional branch
  • To share new and best practices related to enneagram
  • To give feed backs on the new and best practices shared between the members
  • Feel free to support local investigations of the members
  • To be the local representative of the Modern Enneagram Network

From the network

  • Access to a global community of selected enneagram experts
  • Free access to basic on-line tools (on-line tests, surveys …)
  • Access to a large multicultural population to support your investigations
  • Web page presenting your activity
  • Secure area between members (Login)
  • Access to new concepts or practices related to enneagram
  • Support in your business development (option)


1: to meet (video, e.mail) in order to share the criteria for inclusion in the network and to fill the registration form (sent by e.mail)

2: validation of the inclusion (ethics, conditions, commitment, criteria) and access to the secure members area

3: presentation of the on-line tools

4: identification of the potential research projects and practices to be investigated

5: communication & open exchanges between the members


  • The enneagram is a model open to all.
  • It is a tool for personal development. Because we don’t know what we ignore. It teaches us to be forgiving of our own strengths and weaknesses and those of others.
  • There are no good types or poor types.
  • It opens up to different points of view and psychological flexibility in an inclusive framework, where everyone has their place.
  • Each person is unique, and an Enneagram type is just one card among many. The map is not the territory. The Enneagram describes just one of the many facets of our personality. There is not just one truth, but many.
  • Each person is unique. We are more than the sum of our intuitions, emotions and thoughts.
  • The enneatype of a person belongs to him. Our role is just to join him in this discovery, and only if he requests it.
  • Let’s avoid stereotypes. Knowing a person’s enneatype does not presuppose that we know him. His personality is who he is. His attitude depends on who we are and how we deal with him.
  • The enneagram is just a tool. It only improves communication if it makes us aware of our own personal limitations.


  • The use of the enneagram, psychometric tests or online questionnaires, training by members of the network do not fall within a framework of psychotherapy, unless the member is himself a licensed psychotherapist as defined in the country exercise and use.
  • User acknowledges using these tools under his sole responsibility, in compliance with the laws in force in his country and / or his professional branch.
  • The user agrees to comply with the GDPR rules as defined in his country of use.
  • Only adults (as defined in their country of practice) and with legal capacity can be members of the network.
  • The Enneagram Modern network reserves the right to refuse or exclude any member, for security or ethical reasons.
  • Inclusion of a member in the network must meet the criteria and commitments as indicated above in this page.
  • The identification of an enneagram cannot be done solely on the basis of a psychometric test and must be validated in an interview by a confirmed enneagram practitioner.