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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

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Members. Why ?

Today our proposal is Quality before Quantity. There are about 200 countries in our world. With 2 enneagram specialists per country, it means about 400 people. It would be already great to be 400 of us all together, no ? With a soul of sharing.

No charge requested to belong to this network. As far as you participate, sharing experience and proposals. No costly accreditation…

Availability of free online questionnaires for the investigations (with limited charge in case of business purpose).

We acknowledge that no individual or group owns the Enneagram or can restrict the right to communicate, develop and share information about the system. No judgment, no discrimination and respect of different ways are essential in an inclusive environment.

No guru. This network doesn’t belong to a school or to a company. We just respect an ethics, and our respective local laws and regulations.

Possibility to investigate fields with the active supports of other members and feed back from enneagram specialists.

  • Direct access to the ID of the members (or web page)

(Restricted access for few ID except for members) 

  • Brazil – Julia Vieira
  • Brazil – Liniana Liao
  • Canada – Nancy Laforest
  • Chile – Joyce Veloso
  • Chile – Viviana Castro Poull
  • Colombia – Liliana Meija Roldan
  • Paraguay – Luis Fernando Vega Saguier
  • Peru – Martha Bazan
  • US – Livingstone LaCroix

New concepts / projects

Projects: on going

Restricted area

Mind maps Natural vs Adapted Value LOC

Cognitive approach

Contact: fred

Project presentation

Dissonance / Discomfort

Contact: fred


Psychological values

Contact: fred


Locus of Control

Contact: fred


Projects: proposals

Restricted area

Somatic Movement - Open

Contact: Maura Amelia


New concepts

Open area

E9 Card Games Open Open

Contact: Joyce Veloso


What’s new this week !

Welcome to Maura Amelia Bonanno
from Italy
Welcome to Ester Patricia Ceresa
from Italy
Welcome to Liliana Meija Roldan
from Colombia
Welcome to Joyce Veloso
from Chile
Welcome to Cris Bolivar
from Spain
Welcome to Martha Bazan
from Peru
Welcome to Luis Fernando
from Paraguay
Welcome to Nancy Laforest
from Canada


Open area



Online tests

To be translated from French or English to your own language (contact fred)

Free access to a catalog of 50+ (Mainly in French)

Possibility to generate an online test with logo, downloadable report,  …

Free of charge according to the work load (contact fred)

Enneagram Relationship Cognitive Management

Enneagram test (Fr-E)

Subtype test (Fr-E)

E9 quick test (Fr)

Young scheme test (Fr)

Locus of Control test (Fr)

Flexibility test (Fr)

Mindfulness tests (Fr)

Need for cognition test (Fr)

Basic needs satisfaction test (Fr)

Bias quizz (Fr)


Wheel of statisfaction test (Fr)

Stress test (Fr)

Burn-out test (Fr)

Self esteem test (Fr)

Communication style test (Fr)

Team performance test (Fr)

Management style test (Fr)

Personal values test (Fr)