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World Enneagram Network

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

A network of enneagram experts in more than 40 countries in the world. Sharing best practices and validating new tools.

Free, no charge ! Limited to 2 members per country.

Enneagram online test

Our Enneagram test has been validated with more than 1 000 participants.

We can translate the test in your own language with your logo, and adapt the report you want.

Modern Enneagram Institute

Online Accreditation / Training

English version under development

  • You want to be certified as Enneagram technician (150 €) or as expert (2 000 €), with the possibility to use an enneagram test ?
  • You want to develop your own online training, in your language ? We have the technology.

Create your own test !

We create your own test / questionnaire.

In your own language, with your logo …

From a catalog of more than 50 tests or from your design.

Feel free to contact us !

For 50 € / year only !

Your Web Page & Posts

To create a web site is relatively easy and not so much expansive.

But to get visitors and contacts is another challenge. Maintenance, Design, Troubleshooting, Referencing …

Be focus on your business, we manage the rest for you.

Just design your web page and all the posts you want, without to spend time and money on a web site!

For 100 € / year only

Enneagram MindMap®

A new enneagram tool to coach.


Feel free to contact us !

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